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Overloaded matches calendar,
overtraining, fatigue…

Prevent injury before it happens

Today we have solutions

  • Better preparation
  • Muscular performance enhancement
  • Quicker recovery
  • Injury prevention
Endermosport LPG


Created by the world leader in the treatment of the connective tissue (LPG), and worldwide patented technology, Endermosport is based on the principle of mecano-stimulation (Endermologie) which allows to mobilize both healthy and wounded tissue.
Whether used for therapeutic, anti-aging or sports applications, the treatment heads deliver an intense but always pleasing stimulation on the skin surface to deeply reactivate the natural physiological processes.

  • Eliminates fibrosis and edema
  • Drains fluid flows
  • Accelerates vascularization
  • Stimulates the production of endogenous collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid…
    (non exhaustive list of benefits, all scientifically proven)
Technology endermosport LPG

How does it work ?

The stimulation of the fasciae, of the neuro-muscular proprioceptors, of the Golgi tendinous organs has a major impact upon the muscle performance capacity without overload and thus facilitates recovery while promoting injury prevention. This is called PNMA: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Activation.

The elimination of exercize wastes is essential to evacuate blood effusion resulting from blood capillary vessels rupture, micro-traumatisms leading to micro-injuries within the muscular cells and resulting in muscle acidosis. An effect of tissue inflamatory decongestion occurs for an immediate sensation of relief.

  • Pre-Activation of the fasciae to create an impact on performance and injury prevention
  • Post-Activation of the fasciae to stimulate recovery capacities
  • Eliminination of exercize wastes
  • Active motorized cupping (without skin abrasion and without pain and bruising)
How does it work ?

For whom ? How ? Where ?

  • Under the supervision of the Strength and Conditioning coaches, for professional football players who want to keep their status
  • A treatment to be delivered without restriction
    BEFORE, AFTER, and BETWEEN matches and practices
  • At the club and/or at home

Today we have solutions

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a common occurrence following unaccustomed physical activity which can have a drastic effect on performance
(Nosaka & Clarkson 1996; Fridén & Lieber 2001).
However, no universally accepted treatment exists
(Tiidus 1999). The aim was to determine the effects of a new technique (LPG Systems) on DOMS induced by eccentric exercise (EE)

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Endermosport LPG
Ricard Huélamo préparateur physique de Zinédine Zidane

UEFA study season 2015/16

According to the UEFA elite club injury study, it is well-known that 44% of injuries occur during practice and 56% during matches and 66% of those traumas concern the thighs and pubic area.

Download full report

UEFA elite club injury study - 2015/16 season report


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  • LPG® Systems founded in Valence (France)
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  • World leader in cellular stimulation with Cellu M6®
  • Headquarters: Valence, France
  • International Branch: Sophia-Antipolis, France
  • Training centers: Paris, Valence, Barcelone

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